#46 Review


A new Ancient Egypt Mythology

By Paul Louise Julie
Published by Midas Monkee 2015

Brothers Khenti and Nekhat are two of Nubian assassins for the Pharaoh of the Northern Lotus Kingdom, known as the Shadows. They are very efficient agents, and their pivotal mission combines the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Egypt. The Shadows are given all they could desire except their freedom.  A longing for home compelled the brothers to cross a line no one expected.  They become fugitives on the run from the whole Egyptian Army.  Khenti encounters a wolf.  It bites him and nearly kills him.  He shares this burden with his brother who delights at the new abilities.   The brothers form a band of outlaws.  It consists mostly of men and only one woman is turned with intent.  She is Egyptian woman, a former slave different from the Nubian brothers.  They found her dear dead in the desert and one of the brothers, Khenti felt a need to save her.

Meanwhile, in the court of the Pharaoh, Akhenaton, has been given the crown, crook, and flail.  He is as vicious as his father.  However, he not only wants the lower and upper kingdom, He seeks the undermining of the ruling Egyptian gods.  The only people opposing him are Queen Nefertiri and the temple of Anubis. It all seems like a coincidence I think not.

Issue 1 is misleading, the description has me presuming the brother were already wolves.  Instead, this is the origin story.  We are introduced to the brothers.  We see that they have opposing but complementary personalities. The circumstances could be envied, and they don’t want it.  The Pharaoh is an arrogant cruel entitled person obviously plotting.


Issue 2 – the brothers still on the run, are united.  Khenti shares his gift with his brother.    The well trained Egyptian army is not prepared.  The pharaoh is well aware of the shapeshifters but purposely denies this to the detriment of loyal servants.  He calls up a different band of assassins different and deadlier than the shadows.    It is also made clear that he is corrupt, a follower of Sobek and knows something that is not common to the people.  Along with his brother, Khenti makes two other shifters, the woman found near dead in the desert and a young man the wolf left for dead.

Issue 3 –  the brothers set up in a city, establish a band of outlaws, become crime lords.    The Sobe-ka still hunt them and kills the people who knew them.

The Pharaoh Akhenaton seeks to force the High Priest of the Egyptian gods to convert to the following of Sobek.  All capitulate except the High Priest of Anubis.

The band of Outlaws takes on a job that is too much for them to handle.  Only the four survive- Khenti, Nekhet Nephti, and Mizra, barely.

The pack for me ended on a cliffhanger.  Midas Monkee promises three new issues of the series but they are not available through Comixology.   It looked like they would have to be acquired from the source, Midas Monkee.com but they are not yet available there either.  The covers look interesting though.     The characters were left in dire straights how they get out of it and find their true purpose will be so entertaining and interesting.  Is it obvious, I like this series? It has me thinking up fanfiction scenarios.  I am partly envious and awed by Paul Louise Julie.  One of these days my graphic novel will be out there.

In conclusion, anything by Midas Monkee should be looked at. They have wonderful covers, with intriguing titles.  It would be nice if they also add an excerpt or description.  I will be appeasing myself with the other title, they have been promoting for 2017.  Not sure when something will be written about it.



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