43 Best Intentions for Reviews

If there is no struggle, there is no progress -Fredrick Douglass

It has been a long time since a review has been posted on the Jo Experiment Blog.  It has been a struggle to maintain creativity.  There are several reviews in development but none are complete and it had become frustrating.   The raison d’etre for this website/blog was in question. Why was I  working on it and what was being written?    These are the answers; the Jo Experiment Blog are about reviews that should inform and entertain.  They are written for two reasons, to share thoughts about various works of fiction and media and an exercise to expand the skill of the writer.  The focus would be on speculative fiction but would include other genres and literary works.  It would also include audiobooks as well as music and visual media, new and old because why the hell not.


Those are the goals for the JoEx in 140 words or less.   The word count for a proper entry is 500 or more words.  This is the personal challenge for the writer and allegedly the standard word count for blog entries.  It is only going to be mentioned until it is no longer needed.   The tactic is used to keep the mind in the game and has worked in previous challenges.

This paragraph is going to be about the struggle of the several reviews.  Three or Four reviews were started in 2016.  One book was a standalone, the other two were part of a two different young adult or new adult series.  The desire for the reviews to be more objective and less subjective has been a real issue.  It stopped being fun and the authenticity was in question.  Various books on how to write were consulted.  But nothing brought back the muse.  That was the time when any writing reference book or expert will suggest to work through the creative doldrum.  It was also the time when the personal life took precedence.  The end of 2016 was dark and had absolutely nothing to do with politics.  In one of these website/blogs, there should be a full disclosure entry.  But this is not the place for that.  Fortunately, this is the time to fight though. It has been under consideration to cut my ties of stagnant reviews and begin something new.  The consumption of new media didn’t stop.   There is a lot of books and tv/internet shows on the list and new things premiering every month.    However, the only thing this writer wants to quit is quitting.  She will endeavor to be the writer she tweets about on twitter and make it fun.

In conclusion, the Jo Experiment Blog Review is quietly re-re-relaunching itself for 2017.  It will finish what it started, the Court of Fives by Kate Elliott and Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson.  These two books, especially Court of Fives, because it was mention on twitter.  Sister Mine because the novel was fun and the narrator deserves some props.  It will also include recent reviews; the Bone Street Rumba series was completed and there are a few guilty pleasure books that should get a review.  In fact, there are several guilty pleasure series that are like chicken soup for this writer and should get mentioned. Wrinkled but not forgotten this writer will continue to put forth something of interest.


About J.C. Henry

I am a writer and Podcaster. Most of my stories are in the speculative fiction genre. The Red Mushroom Podcast is about writing and the writing business, is currently in development.
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