#36 Review

                                                                                                                               The Blood is the Life  -Bram Stoker, Dracula

These three books were written by Jeaniene Frost, they are known on her website as the Night Prince Series.  They are a spin-off from her Night Huntress series.  Some of you may be wondering why I am writing about this book series?  Once burned came out in June 2012, Twice Tempted in March 2013 and Bound by Flames January of this year.  I will also add that they are audiobooks were narrated by Tavia Gilbert.  She does an excellent job to bring characters and stories to life.

My reasons are simple.  I put up the covers of many books that I had told myself and others by pasting them on the Jo Ex that I would be reading.  Once the niche of the Jo Ex was found I am trying to keep my word.   I haven’t finished or started all of them and that is my bad.  There is just so much being printed, recorded for audio, posted via the internet and premiered on television.  Then there are the tragedies of real life that can make a person lose it completely.   In my younger days, I would be going against everything to type out my outrage like everyone else.  Last year I would still be in a make-believe land of my own making.  This is not an admission to mental illness.  Just an honest awareness that I don’t pay enough attention to the heart breaking, rage making news of the world outside my small venue.  I chose my music, my books, audiobooks and shows on tv.   When I come out of binge reading, listening or watching to find out some city is burning in riots? I know there is something I need to fix with myself.   Sorry for the digression.  All that musing has nothing to do with the featured books.

The star of this paranormal romance series is Vlad Tepesh.  Yes that Vlad, Voivode of Wallachia, Dracula himself nuff said right?  The female main character and our POV is Leila Dalton.  Due to a tragic accident when she was a kid, Leila has the ability to conduct electricity through her right hand and the other side effect is a type of clairvoyance.  These abilities gets Leila some unwanted attention of evil doers and the full attention of our night prince Vlad.  He is near six hundred years old vampire with many enemies.  They were willing to do anything to get him.

Vlad is arrogant and sometimes acerbic, he is royalty after all, and he is brutally honest. He was introduce in the Night Huntress series and was in one of the World of Night Huntress (WoNH)  if you have read them, then you know Vlad.  You may like Vlad and waited with baited breath for this book after First Drop of Crimson and Eternal Kiss, two books from the WoNH. He is a complex individual, tempered by torture as a child and betrayed as a man, before made vampire.  Oh and he is not bad too look at either.

Leila reads like the pretty ugly girl.  It is a typecast.  She has the looks to be a sexy woman, but due to her abilities she is an outcast and alone.   Before Leila was taken, she had left her family and lived on the outskirts of life and working in a circus with a midget vampire.  Her abilities has made her aware of vampires and how dangerous they can be.  She didn’t have the ability to avoid their power so her best defense was hiding.   As stated in earlier passage this was easier typed than done.

Leila is dragged into Vlad’s war.  He is still a warrior prince of old and willing to put a stake to anyone who defies him or to get information.  Luckily for most, the piked ones are vampires. He has enemies and treats all accordingly.  Leila is taken as a pawn and eventually becomes something more to him.   It is difficult transition, she got years of emotional withdrawal to deal with.

Due to the nature of Vlad’s enemies as old school as he is, Leila’s family get pulled into the drama as well. Eventually their estrangement is dealt with. Vlad gets to pinpoint his enemy.  Leila and Vlad consummate and declare feelings for each other.  The enemy gets away which makes the next two books possible.  We also get to see Leila and Vlad’s relationship develop.   Leila is turned to save her life and her adjustment to vampire life is interesting.  A modern girl navigating in a feudal community very alien to her and anyone born in this modern age.   The third book in the series made it possible for the fourth.  I have checked Jeaniene Frost’s Website periodically for any news on the fourth book, I have not seen it yet.  I am a fan but not an obsessed one.

I read and listened to the Night Prince series because I like the character Vlad Tepesh, his dead pan acerbic personality appeals to me.  I read and listened to the whole Night Huntress series, Ms. Frost singled out four lonely vampires.   She made them annoying, (flawed) but loyal and funny, so fans started to like them.  If she leaned to the will of fans we would have known the fate of Ian, Annette, Justina, Tate and crew.   This may seem like a spoiler but actually is not, I didn’t like everything that happened in last book of the night huntress series.  But that is a review for another post.  I am talking about the Night Prince and why I am willing to buy the audio book and ebook, to keep with the set and see how the series closes.  I don’t believe I will be please with each scene but I believe I will be overall satisfied.  I believe that Ms. Frost is working out how Vlad will overcome his newly revealed enemy who appears to be more powerful than he is.  I expect cameos, power-ups and oblivious powers-that-be.   Vlad and Leila will be on the run, someone important will die, turn into a ghoul, vampire or ghost and there should also be an epic battle.  Those are the expectations of book four anyway.  It will not surprise me if I am wrong.  Ms. Frost has the right to write her characters anyway she sees them, she is the author.  I also reserve the right as a reader to state my apprehension for that course.   Strange enough another digression.

To conclude this rambling review, I will say that I liked the Night Prince series, I have listened to it at least 3 or 4 times since I bought the audiobooks and pull up the ebooks out of my cloud for read-alongs.   It is one of the best escapist series I have ever read.  One of these days I will explain the idea of escapism in books, even though I believe it is self-explanatory, possibly in an update blog.  Until then leave a comment.

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