Update #35

Funny thing happened to this post.  It was set up to be published last night at 8pm.  Instead of clicking on published, I clicked save draft and nothing happened.  It seems the wordpress for dummies is not a waste of money after all.

Be like Popeye

Promises were made that reviews would be posted on writing references books and well as Oh_Popeyethe fiction I was reading to or listening to.  I posted over several pictures of book covers started last year, they were incentives and visual aids to help me work.  Since making that announcement I have failed at delivery.  I have been typing apologies over and over again. I take 2/3rd of the blame and 1/3rd is explained on the Flagship at Jchristinahenry.com title 70-Life Interrupted.  That may be a repeat.

I know I should be scheduling out my life, set attainable goals and keep them to acquire the sense of accomplishment.  That isn’t happening my life is split in two and it they are constantly at odds with each other. The words written about this state of being is numerous and redundant.   This year I have to find a way for them to play nice with each other. That has not happened yet.    I thought I wouldn’t post here until I wrote something about one of the books featured on the home page.  I feel guilty when I don’t post regularly or keep the writing obligations.  It means that the writing skills are not developing at a satisfying rate.  It means that I am not doing what I love.   It means that everything is going to hell, for me personally.

Whew! I can really pile on the woe of the eve of destruction in writing.  At the top of this essay or post, is the picture of Popeye.  Popeye the Sailor man, came out in January 1929 in a comic strip, according to Wikipedia.  In 1933, Fleischer Studios made him and his crew a cartoon series.  The reruns in the 1980’s is what I remember. Popeye meant what he said and said what he meant.  I have always wanted to live that way.  Word is bond.  I am using him as a visual aid, to entertain my few readers and to inspire me to be truthful.  I do not own the character, so whoever owns Popeye don’t sue.  I have no money to give you or a lawyer.  Another trait of Popeye that I admire is that he always attempted to fix the problem, wherever it was.  It wasn’t until he was on his last of his strength that he went for the can of spinach, a powerful source.  I want to use my all before going to the secret weapon.

quill 1I have decided to add other media reviews besides books/audiobooks to this blog, what is on television and the internet. Because when I have my way, I try to be in everything.  I pick shows, I have watched over and over, apart to find their juicy secrets.  I am planning to write out my thoughts again on a favorite character and include as much as I can about them so that it can make more sense to me and other people.   When completed it might remind some people of an old hat dusted, but these are my feelings about a character I never felt got a fair anything in an iconic story. Not Popeye, although Popeye did have its’ controversy.  To do this properly a binge watch on Netflix may be required.  There is a book and audiobook on the subject.  I will include them, so this essay may take time.  Is this a bad habit? Am I setting myself up to fail?  I like to think not.  I believe I am making myself work to develop skill.   The fear is that nothing produced will be worth anyone’s time or notice.   I have been battling this fear for a long time and for the most part I thought it won.  I wasn’t writing and reading was low.  I can’t say exactly what brought me back.  That is essay for another website.  This one is just about media that I find interesting. My aspiration is that my words will make you the reader interested as well.

Peach Lotus



About J.C. Henry

I am a writer and Podcaster. Most of my stories are in the speculative fiction genre. The Red Mushroom Podcast is about writing and the writing business, is currently in development.
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