Mea Culpa #2

rainbow 3This is not the second time I have apologized on my blog.  I type things that don’t always go as planned.  I feel bad afterward because I like to mean what I say and say what I mean, like Popeye.  It doesn’t always happen and I go through this whole  process.  Recently it has shortened.  I told the readers of The Joex that I would be reviewing the book, Write Good or Die, edited by Scott Nicholson.  In the summer I got the urge and bought a healthy number of writing reference books.  I called them the How-tos.  I decided to review them and give the Joex  a stable focus.   I listed six books written or edited by published authors, people who had been in the business.  I was all fired up to read, review and write.  What I realized was the more I read the more I didn’t know. I lost track on my writing projects attempting to implement every new tactics to every story project I had running.  I stopped reading constructively.  It was a vicious uninspired cycle. It was not pretty and there was no extreme makeover help anywhere.


I would love to say I took a breather, a break,  to re-evaluate before continuing, I didn’t.  I used the old GI Joe PSA.  Knowing was half the battle.   Once I realized what I was doing.  I wrote a couple of apologies on the blogs and attempted to fix it.   I also had to give myself a personal challenge.  Like writing a novel, short story and managing six blog/websites were not enough.  The challenge started with the Twitter account.  I decided to extend it to all my accounts.  It is the 300+ word challenge for a year.   I plan to write about it until writing 300 words without thinking becomes natural again.  It seems a little crazy but I got the spark to be the author I want to be after completing the Twitter challenge.

So when I say the review to Write Good or Die is coming, I have no idea when.  I haven’t even been reading the book.  I have been reading and listening to these:


I have the digital books and the audio books of the Edge series, inadvertently making Ilona Andrews and their publishers more wealthy.   These books are part of the urban fantasy romance genre or sub-genre I am not sure.   I will eventually be apart of this genre/sub-genre so I listen to and read many books from it.  What I like about the Edge series is the world building and that it was in third person POV.  There was a  time  when every paranormal/urban fantasy type book I found  was first person POV and hard for me to read.  I got the first Edge book “On the Edge” on sale and was hooked, with the brief nod to InuYasha.  I think each book could be a stand alone, but connected enough for fans.  Each books had  different hero and heroine, just like a standard romance, but included individualized magical abilities and battle scenes.  I was impressed.  I don’t remember if I have talked about the authors of this book series.  Review of past entries seems like something I should do during the last week of December.  The Reflection week before the year ends.

I would like to type a great conclusion, lead you few readers to plausible and satisfactory closing paragraph.  This is sorry #4 in the middle of the entry.  I have realized that I have problems with this part of an essay.  I am working on it.


Please leave a comment, they are equally appreciated as much as the likes.

Peach Lotus


About J.C. Henry

I am a writer and Podcaster. Most of my stories are in the speculative fiction genre. The Red Mushroom Podcast is about writing and the writing business, is currently in development.
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