I don’t know how it is going for everyone but I hope the day is good or as close as it can get.  Some a gearing up for Nanowrimo, some are celebrating a holiday.   I am enjoying some nice looking artwork and graciously waiting for the 50% off candy sale.  I wasn’t raised to celebrate halloween.  Everything I learned about it was from public school, tv and paranormal books I bought later.

I boldly wrote in my last entry that I was reading and planning to write a review on a reference book.  One of the oldest in my nook and kindle accounts.  I haven’t opened that book to read since.  My real life intervened in a big way.  There is a new addition to my family.  I am proud great aunt.   I usually have a picture set up for this moment but I really don’t have one or one in mind.  I gave myself a personal challenge for the year and I am typing it on every blog/website I have.  There are six of them.  Yes six, I know I am over extending myself, if you are a part of tumblr expect  a lot of reblogging.   Around this time last year, I wrote on Twitter that I would start live tweeting every other day and kindly ask for followers.  At the time my following was less than 30, now it is over 400.  It is true I don’t know everyone and some of my following are just doing it for the follow-back.  It was an exercise in putting myself out there in the internet.  I like to think that someone saw my request for followers and said let me supporturtle1t this struggling writer, feminist, christian, mother and daughter because I know what it feels like to have no followers.    That was my tag line.   Along with be mildly entertained and intrigued.  Every tweet is a live tweet. etc etc etc.  Once of these days I am going to spell out etc.

Now I did gain and lose followers over the year but the majority stayed and I am grateful.  It means that although it is minuscule and I follow more than are following me.  Some people liked my collection of words enough to like or even favorite my tweets.  Live tweets typed by my hand, thoughts from my brain exactly as I am doing this very minute.  While rocking a newborn to sleep.  Multi-tasking came be an enemy or a friend, you have to choose wisely.

This yearly personal challenge begins with nanowrimo.  It is not affiliated.  I am just talking about because every place I follow including Twitter and Facebook will be talking about it and Thanksgiving.   Sorry for the digression.  From November 2014 to November 2015, it is my mission to type 300 plus words on every blog/website I have.  I have become lazy in my writing and reading and I am working on changing that.   So I  came up with this for the year.  The only rule beside the 300 plus words is that it has to stay on topic.   I get lost sometimes.   Hence the many writing reference books, I am buying and making someone rich.

I can never wrap these thing up nicely.  I have book about endings after I read up on Write Good or Die that is review 3. Until this one will be as lame as the others.   If this post was a good read leave a like and a comment.   Thank you in advance.


About J.C. Henry

I am a writer and Podcaster. Most of my stories are in the speculative fiction genre. The Red Mushroom Podcast is about writing and the writing business, is currently in development.
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