Mea Culpa

I had to take a week vacation.  So I stopped working on the everything.  For about 3 weeks, I haven’t really been doing anything but try to make sure my life that is not writing works better than it has.  Nothing is balanced out yet.  I continue to fight on.  wall_inuyasha2_1024 Very much like these characters of the first manga I understood.  I made some promises at the beginning of the year and I broke them.  I thought I would be more upset but since it is like a really really bad habit it was expected.  I celebrated a birthday.  I won’t talk much about it here b/c that is a post for another blog.  In September I plan to promote  myself everywhere I can.  So be prepared readers.  i don’t have more to write.  So this is going up.


About J.C. Henry

I am a writer and Podcaster. Most of my stories are in the speculative fiction genre. The Red Mushroom Podcast is about writing and the writing business, is currently in development.
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