For a long time, I had no idea what to do with this blog.  I started it two years ago to explore  I didn’t know what that would entail.  I just knew that I didn’t want to spend, money and I didn’t want to buy the wordpress for dummies ebook.   So I added the joexperimentblog to my account with wordpress.  I changed some themes and colors.  I added then deleted pages, not sure what the hell they were good for.  I didn’t read any of the helpful articles by the wordpress people.  I didn’t look for them and I didn’t have the time.  I was thinking ahead of myself.  I was already the critically acclaim writer I wanted to be.  



In my search to be a writer and more, I researched website building. or came up and other web host and I did some reading on them all.  I also decided what I would do with this blog, then I changed my mind.   I do that a lot.  I will be slowing changing it into a website.  As much as I can for free. At least until the end of this year.  If we ( the world as I know in the United States) live past this one I may start paying for features.  On this blog and others. People who give tips to the unpublished, have stated that every aspiring to be published writer need to have a website up and running.  Promote yourself, have finished work, write what you think you know, and make other people believe it.  So I am doing it here first.  


This post might seem unorganized and grammatically incorrect.  I strive entertaining clarity.  If you like this post, please leave a comment.  If you don’t like it, leave a comment.  I am looking for critiques to improve writing.  Thank you in advance.   


About J.C. Henry

I am a writer. I would like to write in every genre but am drawn to speculative/urban fantasy/paranormal stories. They are interesting and say more than, what people think they do.
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  1. Johnd618 says:

    Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you and enter combat against other player’s dragons. abaeecgecdkg

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