Experiment gone wrong


I started this blog to try out everything on wordpress.  There are books on how to use wordpress and other famous blogs.  I guess how to make your blog popular.  I have never had that kind of luck or drive.  I have said this before.  My writing was suppose to attract readers because it was so great.  That was  my belief 10 years ago, now I know better.  In my late 30’s I don’t care who reads or doesn’t read.  I am comfortable just writing.

However I have always felt that I never really gave this blog a chance to be a blog.  I got overwhelmed with the whole idea.  So I let it suffer, like plants that need water. 

In time I want to be a better writer on my blogs.  I tweet at least once a week.  I should give my blogs the same courtesy.



About J.C. Henry

I am a writer and Podcaster. Most of my stories are in the speculative fiction genre. The Red Mushroom Podcast is about writing and the writing business, is currently in development.
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